Antibiotic resistance and the threat to sustainable development

Presentation by Otto Cars, senior advisor and founder, ReAct


The world is facing the grave consequences of the man-made problem of antibiotic resistance. This global crisis is threatening all health systems, but its consequences moves far beyond human and animal health. It also impacts the environment and have repercussions for social and economic development. The costs of non-action are huge.

This talk will give a short historical perspective on efforts to deal with antibiotic resistance, leading up to the recent adoption of a political declaration by the UN General Assembly. The presentation will also discuss how antibiotic resistance challenges the fulfilment of several of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and how this framework must be used to better integrate international policy processes.

Otto Cars is a senior professor of infectious diseases at Uppsala University. He was one of the founders and the second president of the International Society of Anti-infective pharmacology (ISAP). He was leading the Swedish strategic programme against antibiotic resistance since its inception in 1995 until 2011. Otto has been actively involved in numerous European and international initiatives in the area of antimicrobial resistance. He is a member of the WHO Strategic and Technical Advisory Group on Antimicrobial Resistance (STAG-AMR). In 2005 he initiated the international network ReAct-Action on Antibiotic Resistance which is today working globally and on all continents to catalyze action towards coordinated policies to manage the crisis of antibiotic resistance.

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