Innovations outside the system

How to integrate innovations into development practice

Many of the innovations that grow and have a big impact on society, development and sometimes the environment are results of a need to solve a problem rather than an entrepreneur setting out to innovate something. This is important as we set out to formalise a process for innovation and creativity.

In this video, Ken Banks, the founder of Frontline SMS and Kiwanji.net, a National Geographic Emerging Explorer and an internationally recognised author on pioneering conservation, development and technology initiatives, presents perspectives on how to integrate innovations into development practice.

Bridging the gap
His presentation was given as a part of a workshop organised by Per Olsson and Samir Doshi on the topic "social-ecological innovation in the Anthropocene".

A myriad of technological and social innovations are currently promoted to deal with the sustainability challenges of the Anthropocene. The question is, do they contribute to the large-scale transformations that humanity needs or do they reinforce current unsustainable trajectories?

There is a gap between what is happening at research institutes and how the fields of international development and social innovations are advancing. The aim of the workshop was to start to bridge this gap where practitioners can leverage the latest research to progress their work, as well creating a forum where researchers can better understand the conditions and needs of practitioners on the ground, from local to national scales across the public and private sectors.   

The workshop followed a world-café format and convened a small group of leading experts across academic, public and private sectors.

The outcomes from the workshop will inform the International Transformations 2015 conference next yearis as one step in laying the ground and identifying important themes and topics for the conference.

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