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Feeding the 5000: from waste to resource

EAT Talk by Tristram Stuart at the EAT Stockholm Food Forum 2014

Large percentages of food being grown is today wasted. Feeding the 5000 campaign aims at decreasing food waste by making use of produce that is systematically rejected and wasted on account of cosmetic imperfections or not fitting in packaging. Since the launch of the campaign the sales of "ugly" fruit and vegetables is the fastest growing sector of the fresh produce market in the UK.

The organisation tackles the issue of food waste in four different ways: Engaging the public against food waste; engaging businesses in finding new ways of getting rejected produce on the market; engaging governments to set in place economic incentives for supermarkets to not cause food waste with their suppliers; investigating opportunities to invest in post-harvest infrastructures for the producers to get produce on the markets.

About Tristram Stuart
Tristram Stuart is the founder of the campaign Feeding the 5000. He is also a BBC Food & Farming Awards Finalist 2014 and Sophie Prize Winner 2011 for his fight against food waste.

This talk was given as a part of the EAT Stockholm Food Forum, co-hosted by Stockholm Resilience Centre and the Stordalen Foundation.

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