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Antibiotics: A non-renewable resource

EAT Talk by Christina Greko at EAT Stockolm Food Forum 2014

Antibiotics are life-saving drugs, curing bacterial diseases in humans and animals. Today we are seeing a development were antibiotics are becoming ineffective as bacteria are becoming resistant. In this sense Christina Greko argues that antibiotics are a non-renewable resource, and that we have wasted it. But we can still do something about the situation.

Throguh increased knowledge and good strategies for disease prevention we can decrease the use of antibiotics. By reducing unnecessary use we can prevent the development of resistance in bacteria.

About Christina Greko
Cristina Greko is Associate Professor at the department of Animal Health and Antimicrobial Strategies at the National Veterinary Institute in Sweden. She is a veterinarian and holds a PhD in veterinary microbiology. During the past 15 years she has worked on topics related to antibiotics use, resistance, risk and strategies for containment.

This talk was given as a part of the EAT Stockholm Food Forum, co-hosted by Stockholm Resilience Centre and the Stordalen Foundation.

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