What is access and benefit sharing?

Yoke Ling Chee, Co-Director of Third World Network, gives her perspective on this.

The Third World Network (TWN) is a partner of the newly-established SwedBio Programme at the centre, that is linking science-policy-practitioners in a development context. TWN is an independent non-profit international network of organisations and individuals involved in issues relating to development, Third World and North-South affairs.

TWN was formed in November 1984 in Penang, Malaysia at the concluding session of an International Conference on "The Third World: Development or Crisis?" organised by the Consumers' Association of Penang and attended by over a hundred participants from 21 countries. At this conference, TWN was formed to coordinate and consolidate cooperation among development groups in the South.

Its mission is to bring about a greater articulation of the needs and rights of peoples in the Third World, a fair distribution of world resources, and forms of development which are ecologically sustainable and fulfill human needs.

Its main objectives are: to conduct research on economic, social and environmental issues pertaining to the South; to publish books and magazines; to organise and participate in meetings and seminars; and to provide a platform representing broadly Southern interests and perspectives at international fora such as the UN Conferences and processes.

Since its formation, TWN has been involved in research, media and publications activities, organised and participated in meetings, workshops and seminars on various international issues, including with UN agencies.

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