Dry-season vegetable farming in fenced-in small plots in the Upper East region in northern Ghana. The plots, each belonging to one household, are irrigated through a channel system connected to a small reservoir. Photo: K. Malmborg

Targeting Agricultural Innovation and Ecosystem Service Management in the Northern Volta basin (TAI)

Research to improve the capacities of NGO and extension workers to identify and implement agricultural technologies that suit the local context

The TAI project is focused on implementation of rainfed and irrigated technologies in the northern Volta river basin, which can increase adaptability and transformability of local livelihoods, as well as closing gaps between actual and potential yields, nutrition and ecosystem services. The aim is to improve the capacities of NGO and extension workers to identify and implement technologies that suit the local context.

The project is led by Fabrice DeClerck with Bioversity International as lead centre. The different work packages in the project use a broad range of methods from different disciplines, including catchment and basin scale modeling, participatory workshops and games, interviews, remote sensing, and a variety of analyses conducted on biophysical data collected in the field.

The Stockholm Resilience Centre component of the research is conducted by Katja Malmborg, Juan Carlos Rocha, Line Gordon and Elin Enfors Kautsky. It is focused on development of methods to identify social-ecological systems archetypes across the Volta basin from publically available data sets, using cluster analysis.

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Project partners

Bioversity International (Dr. Fabrice DeClerck, Sarah Jones)

CIAT (Dr. Fred Kizito)

CIRAD (Dr. William’s Daré)

International Water Management Institute (Dr. Pamela Katic)

King’s College London (Sarah Jones, Dr. Mark Mulligan)

Natural Capital Project, Stanford University (Dr. Rebecca Chaplin-Kramer)

SNV World Burkina Faso (Mansour Boundaogo)

University of Bonn (Dr. Denis Lanzanova)

University of Development Studies Ghana (Dr. Raymond Kasei)

University of Minnesota (Dr. Kate Brauman, Dr. Justin Johnson)

Washington State University (Dr. Alexander Fremier)

World Agroforestry Centre (Dr. Eike Luedeling)


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