BalticSTERN Secretariat

The BalticSTERN Secretariat coordinates an international research network, producing ecological-socioeconomic analysis of cost-effective measures needed to secure the ability of the Baltic Sea ecosystem to provide ecosystem services and the benefits of those.

The BalticSTERN Secretariat was established at the Stockholm Resilience Centre in September 2009, financed by the Swedish EPA (SEPA), and in December 2009 SEPA decided to finance the Secretariat for a further three year period; 2010 - 2012. In June 2011, the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management (SWAM) took over the overall responsibility for issues regarding marine and water management in Sweden from the SEPA, and since then BalticSTERN has been financed by SWAM.

The Secretariat's assignment has been to coordinate the BalticSTERN Research Network with partners in all countries around the Baltic Sea, to arrange policy-science dialogues and to communicate the research. Based on research within the network and other relevant research, the Secretariat produced a synthesis report  "The Baltic Sea – Our Common Treasure. Economics of Saving the Sea", launched in March 2013 and directed to Governments, Parliaments and other decision makers.

The report evaluates costs of necessary measures in order to reach certain environmental objectives as well as socioeconomic gains of reaching those objectives. The report also presents different scenarios on future developments of the Baltic Sea and discusses management strategies for different environmental problems as well as holistic strategies to assure future Baltic Sea ecosystem services and benefits to human societies.

The Secretariat has also assisted the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management, by providing input to the EU Working Group on Economic and Social Assessments (WG ESA), aimed at contributing to the implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive.

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Contact details

Siv Ericsdotter
Head of Secretariat


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