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The Global Economic Dynamics and the Biosphere programme (GEDB)

GEDB is a research programme at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences which addresses the effects of global economic dynamics

The programme consists of a number of SRC staff including science director Carl Folke, deputy science director Victor Galaz and
researchers Beatrice Crona, Jean-Baptiste Jouffray and Max Troell.

The broad aim of the programme is to understand globalization and uncover the drivers and mechanisms behind its effects on social-ecological systems at multiple scales, with an explicit focus on different aspect of economics.

It provides a platform for interdisciplinary scientific collaboration on the challenges of global change and sustainability, with specific focus on how local-to-global, cross-scale interactions affect human well-being and the sustainable use of resource.

GEDB facilitates and promotes collaboration between early career economists and scientists from other social sciences and the natural sciences.

It combines diverse knowledge systems and experiences, and conduct research for a broad understanding about the preconditions and opportunities for sustainable societal development in the new global context.

Since its inception in 2013, the programme has spearheaded several exciting research projects on the effects of globalised
trade within, for instance, seafood:

Global seafood trade leave consumers unaware of over-exploitedmarine ecosystems

Global marine resource exploitation can spread in similarpatterns to disease epidemics

Hidden ecological effects of algorithmic trade and newfinancial instruments described in new study

The programme is funded by the Family Erling-Persson Foundation.

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