Malin Jonell awarded for novel approaches to Baltic Sea research

Recipients of the Östersjöakuten award 2022, Johan Eklöf and Malin Jonell (right) together with crown princess Victoria who presented the award. Photo: Lisa Bergqvist.

Interview with Malin Jonell and Johan Eklöf upon receiving the Östersjöakuten award (in Swedish)

Centre researcher Malin Jonell has won the Östersjöakuten award 2022 for her research contributions to the Baltic Sea


The jury of the Östersjöakuten award commended Jonell’s novel approaches to combine ecology, economics and nature resource management.

The prize is awarded by Östersjöakuten foundation, which supports marine research on the Baltic Sea.

Malin Jonell is one of two recipients of the award, the other being researcher Johan Eklöf at Stockholm University.

It’s an incredible honour to have received this prize, especially since it’s awarded in commemoration of the fantastic AnnMari Jansson.

Malin Jonell

This year, the prize commemorates professors AnnMari Jansson and Bengt-Owe Jansson, who were two of the pioneer scientists at the Askö laboratory, a marine research station on an island south of Stockholm.

The award was presented by crown princess Victoria during the research station’s 60-year jubilee in mid-June.

The Östersjöakuten foundation started from a fundraising initiative by the Swedish Transport Workers’ union in 1995 is hosted at Stockholm University Baltic Sea centre.

Read more about the award and the anniversary of the Askö laboratory (in Swedish).

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Published: 2022-06-20

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