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Karl-Göran Mäler, 1939-2020

Photo: A. Sundin


Karl-Göran Mäler, a pioneering environmental economist and crucial to the establishment of Stockholm Resilience Centre, passed away 20 May 2020, age 81

Mäler was one of the founders and the first directors of the centre partner the Beijer Institute of Ecological Economics. His curiosity and continuous wish to understand matters at a deeper level were key ingredients for the success of the Beijer Institute’s early endeavour to build bridges between disciplines that were not used to collaborate.

He understood that the way to deeper collaboration went through trust building and that this was best achieved by having a good time together in a nice location close to nature, the object of study. After a day of hard work and intensive scientific discussions, it was time for good food, jokes and songs and more relaxed discussions, most often still about deep scientific matters.

The journey of the Beijer Institute with Karl-Göran was truly inspiring, searching for new understandings and always with the problems in focus, exploring, investigating with an open mind and deep commitment. Frontier research programmes and exciting workshops with internationally leading researchers provided new insights and generated an extended Beijer family of scholars still devoted to the activities of the Institute.

Karl-Göran Mäler leaves behind his wife Sara Aniyar and two daughters, Lena and Kicki Mäler.

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Topics: Economics
Published: 2020-06-02

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