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New network on nature-based solutions for cities

Centre joins “Nature-based Solutions for Urban Resilience in the Anthropocene” network


Erik Andersson and Timon McPhearson are among the centre researchers who will benefit from being part of “Nature-based Solutions for Urban Resilience in the Anthropocene” (NATURA). This umbrella network bring together a host of other networks in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, North and Latin America. It is funded by the US National Science Foundation for US$2,000,000 for five years.

Network partners include the African Centre for Cities, IUCN, The Natural Capital Project, The Nature Conservancy and ICLEI. In total, 26 networks will be connected through NATURA. Timon McPhearson will also act as one of the programme coordinators.

Enhancing connectivity and data sharing

The aim of NATURA is for researchers and practitioners to exchange knowledge, share data, and enhance communication on applications of nature-based solutions in a wide range of social, ecological, and technological contexts.

Furthermore, early-career researchers and practitioners will be sponsored by NATURA to pay five-week visits to network partners. NATURA will also train postdoctoral scholars and graduate students through learning exchanges to networks around the globe. Through collaboration with partners, international students will be invited to participate in these exchanges, hosted by US networks.

Says centre researcher Erik Andersson about the new initiative: “Among other things, the activities proposed for NATURA will enhance connectivity among the world's urban scholars and practitioners and improve theprospects for global urban sustainability.”

Read more about NATURA here

Published: 2019-11-13

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