Carl Folke, centre founder and science director, was in 2016 named one of the world's most cited researchers. Photo: Ted Fettig/Kontent Real

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Carl Folke, centre founder and science director, named one of the world's most cited researchers in 2016

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  • Marked as one of the most cited researchers in 2016
  • A total of 3087 of scientists were marked as most cited
  • Most cited individuals came from a wide range of science and social science disciplines

In the past decade, it is estimated that there have been upwards of 1.2 million individuals working in research worldwide. The World Bank casts a wide net and broadly defines these individuals as professionals who engage in the creation of new knowledge, products, processes, methods, or systems, as well as the management of these projects.

Centre science director, Carl Folke, was in 2016 acknowledged as one of the most cited researchers in the world in 2016, across all disciplines.

The list of most cited researchers comes from analytics agency, Clarivate Analytics, formally the IP & Science Business of Thomson Reuters. Using 128 887 highly cited papers from 2004-2014, the analysis was rooted in the Web of Science search engine, and included articles from sciences and social sciences. Each highly cited paper was defined as within the top 1% in its field and year of publication. Publications were verified, and individuals were ranked based on number of highly cited papers in this time period.

Folke has published over 200 articles in peer reviewed journals; several books and book chapters; and is also on the editorial board of over 10 international peer-reviewed journals. In Google Scholar Citations, Folke’s citations exceed 100 000. His work is highly influential across disciplines, but particularly in resilience, environmental, and social sciences.

Congratulations, Carl Folke!

Published: 2016-12-23

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Carl Folke is science director of the Stockholm Resilience Centre. He has extensive experience in transdisciplinary collaboration between natural and social scientists and is among the most cited scientists in the world on resilience thinking.



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