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Most requested publications 2015

Every year we receive hundreds of requests for publications where centre researchers are first- or co-authors. Below are the 10 most frequently requested. Thank you for your requests!

1. Planetary Boundaries 2.0 – new and improved
As Science publishes the updated research, four of nine planetary boundaries have been crossed

Steffen et al. 2015. Planetary Boundaries: Guiding human development on a changing planet. Science Vol. 347 no. 6223
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2. Learning to apply resilience
First in-depth analysis of a resilience assessment put into practice

Sellberg, M. M., C. Wilkinson and G. D. Peterson. 2015. Resilience assessment: a useful approach to navigate urban sustainability challenges. Ecology and Society 20 (1): 43.
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3. Beyond measure?
Reducing resilience to a few measurements can block deeper understanding

Quinlan, A. E., Berbés-Blázquez, M., Haider, L. J., Peterson, G. D. 2015. Measuring and assessing resilience: broadening understanding through multiple disciplinary perspectives. Journal of Applied Ecology.
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4. Banking for ecologists
Hidden ecological effects of algorithmic trade and new financial instruments described in new study

Galaz, V., J. Gars, F. Moberg, B. Nykvist, C. Repinski. 2015. Why Ecologists Should Care About Financial Markets. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 30, Issue 10, p571–580.
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5. Don't fence me in
Managing ecosystems for predictable outcomes may backfire, new study warns

Carpenter, S.R., Brock, W.A., Folke, C., van Nes, E.H. and Scheffer, M. 2015. Allowing variance may enlarge the safe operating space for exploited ecosystems. PNAS, doi:10.1073/pnas.1511804112
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6. Five factors for successful management of natural capital
Study in PNAS teases out strategies for successful governance, for both people and ecosystems

Schultz, L., Folke, C. Österblom, H., Olsson. P. 2015. Adaptive governance, ecosystem management, and natural capital. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).
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7. The science of thinking for science
Study calls for structures that allow thinking fast and slow to spur new insights in scientific research

Scheffer, M., J. Bascompte, T. K. Bjordam, S. R. Carpenter, L. B. Clarke, C. Folke, P. Marquet, N. Mazzeo, M. Meerhoff, O. Sala, and F. R. Westley. 2015. Dual thinking for scientists. Ecology and Society20(2): 3
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8. New planetary dashboard shows increasing human impact
Centre researchers have updated classic "Great Acceleration" graphs

Steffen, W., W. Broadgate, L. Deutsch, O. Gaffney, C. Ludwig. 2015. The Trajectory of the Anthropocene: the Great Acceleration. The Anthropocene Review.
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9. The hidden cost of coerced resilience
Centre researchers look into forced resilience of intensive agriculture, forestry, fisheries and aquaculture systems

Rist, L., A. Felton, M. Nyström, M. Troell, R. A. Sponseller, J. Bengtsson, H. Österblom, R. Lindborg, P. Tidåker, D. G. Angeler, R. Milestad, and J. Moen 2014. Applying resilience thinking to production ecosystems. Ecosphere 5:art73–art73.
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10. A social–ecological analysis of ecosystem services in two different farming system
Comparing two contrasting Swedish farming systems (low intensity and high intensity) with regard to ecosystem service supply and demand

Andersson, E., Nykvist, B., Malinga, R. Jarmillo, F. and Lindborg, R. 2015. A social-ecological analysis of ecosystem services in large and small scale farming systems. AMBIO, 44 (suppl. 1): S102–S112
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10. A social-ecological lens for the future
How research can catch up with rapid environmental change

Joern Fischer, J., T. Gardner, E.M. Bennett, P. Balvanera, R. Biggs, S. Carpenter, T. Daw, C. Folke, R. Hill, T.P. Hughes, T. Luthe, M. Maass, M. Meacham, A. Norström, G. Peterson, C. Queiroz, R. Seppelt, M. Spierenburg, J. Tenhunen. 2015. Advancing sustainability through mainstreaming a social–ecological systems perspective. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 14:144-149
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Published: 2016-01-28