Johan Rockström on solutions for a hopeful future

Rockström's second TEDGlobal talk explaining how we can all become responsible stewards of planet Earth

Impacts and costs of global climate change on our prosperity is already apparent, and we have knowledge and resources to seize the opportunity for development and growth. So what's standing in our way?

Big world, small planet
In this TEDGlobal talk from June 2013, Rockström explains how two large-scale, emerging and existing challenges are colliding. The first being the posititive social change, with four to six billion people in the developing world building a consumer momentum reaching that of the average European. The other is nature and how it has subsidized our economy with ecological resilience. But in the last twenty years we’ve begun to get nature’s invoices in the form of more extreme weather, forest fires and other disasters that feed back into the global economy.

The solution lies in working towards a set of six new goals, unifying the economic, social and environmental domains.

Listen to Johan Rockström's 2015 "Sommer talk" on Swedish Radio. In his hour-and-a-half long talk Rockström explains why 2015 is a watershed year for our planet, but also, a year when the hope for change is greater than ever.

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