Transforming global finance

Seminar with Hunter Lovins from Natural Capitalism Solutions and John Fullerton from Capital Institute

The economic system of today is characterized by the four U's – Unsustainable, Unfair, Unstable and Unhappy. We have just experienced a financial collapse, and experts argue that we can be sure there will be another one.

Meanwhile, there is a substantial amount of evidence that it is in fact profitable as well as efficient for companies to steer towards sustainability. Regardless of whether business accepts the science of climate change, solving the problems it presents can be done at a profit.

In a recent seminar at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, John Fullerton, founder and president of Capital Institute, and Hunter Lovins, founder and president of Natural Capitalism Solutions, presented the evidences for why there is a need for a transformation of the financial system.

The regenerative economy is one way of looking at this transformation, moving beyond sustainability into regeneration. Moving into a regenerative economy requires an expanded understanding of what “capital” is, including social, natural as well as other forms of capital. It also requires a shift towards a recognition that the regenerative process that defines living systems can also define the economic system as a whole.

Published: 2014-02-13