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Greatest video hits 2013

Our favourite video productions from 2013, all in one list

As the year comes to a close and the holidays are just around the corner, we thought we'd take the opportunity to provide you with some holiday cheer in the form of video entertainment. So, from all of us to all of you... Enjoy!

An Urbanizing Planet

Hollywood actor and Goodwill Ambassador to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (UN CBD) Edward Norton has lent his voice to a new video explaining the challenges and opportunities that come with an increasingly urbanized planet. Read more here

Biodiversity hotspots and funcitonal diversity

Stuart Kinninmonth explains why we need to look at more than simply the number of species that are present in a system if we are interested in the sustainability and resilience of the processes. Read more here

Introducing the Anthropocene

Presentation by Professor Will Steffen, Australian National University Climate Change Institute. Read more here

Global drivers behind regime shifts 

Introduction by Juan Carlos Rocha, Stockholm Resilience Centre.

Dealing with poverty traps

PhD student Jamila Haider explains social-ecological traps and how that has affected agricultural areas in Tajikistan and Afghanistan. Read more here

Reforestation in Sahara

Deborah Goffner explains the Saharan Great Green Wall project. Read more here

Urban ecology

Timon McPhearson from the New School New York explains what urban ecology is.

Future sustainable development

Centre director Johan Rockström explains why we must redefine sustainable development and develop Sustainable Development Goals that link poverty eradication to the protection of Earth's life support. Read more here

Feedbacks in social-ecological systems

Whiteboard seminar with Brian Walker. Read more here

New bonus feature: Världens eko - the trailer

Världens eko is an evening course (in Swedish), given each fall at the centre. Read more here

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