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Watch video presentations from recent hackathon on sustainability and urban design

During the course of two intensive days in early December 2013, computer programmers, designers, innovators and scientists gathered at the Stockholm Resilience Centre to come up with technologial solutions that would address urban sustainability issues such as waste management, urban agriculture, electricity and data collection.

The event, entitled Switch on Nature, gathered 50 or so developers, artists, and designers who were tasked with the challenge of prototyping solutions to deal with urban sustainability challenges.

Before kicking off an intensive 24-hour innovation camp, the participants received an intelligence briefing on the current and future scenarios by leading experts in science, policy, gaming and tech.

Watch the briefings here
Centre professor Thomas Elmqvist asked and answered the question: "how smart are smart cities?"

Centre director Johan Rockström provided an introduction to how life will be in the Anthropocene, the Age of Man.

Hoa Ly, CEO of Hoa’s Toolshop showed how digital tools can be used to influence behavioural change.

Christer Norström from the Swedish Institute of Computer Scince (SICS) followed up Hoa Ly's presentation with an introduction to data driven learning and behavioural change.

How can NASA technology inspire urban sustainability? asked Dr. Michael Flynn from NASA's Bioengineering Branch

Jennifer Broutin Farah from MIT Media Lab/Sproutsio showed how we can connect new technology and ecosystems for more sustainable urban food production.

How can public and private actors facilitate transformative innovation?
Perspectives from Christopher Palmberg, Tekes; Göran Marklund, Vinnova; Staffan Ingvarsson, Stockholm stad; Sara Öhrvall, SVP, R&D, Bonnier and David Mothander, Nordic Policy Counsel, Google.


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A hackathon can be defined as an event in which interdisciplinary teams made up of designers, developers, artists, strategists and hackers prototype the future of interactive experiences. It is considered to be a place where "code and creativity meets".


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