Transformation in a changing climate

Centre co-hosts conference on human capacity and willingness to transform amid climate change

An innovative conference in Oslo aims to generate new knowledge on climate transformation.

"Science will not save us," says Heide Hackmann, executive director of the International Social Science Council and one of the speakers at the conference Transformation in a changing climate. The conference will take place in Oslo between 19-21 June.

"Climate change is primarily a social problem, not an environmental one. Its primary causes and consequences are social. And so the solutions must be," Hackmann says.

Establishing new arenas
The conference is hosted in collaboration with the University of Oslo and Center for International Climate and Environmental Research (CICERO). The aim is to help change the way we perceive climate change — scientifically, artistically, technically and politically.

"Transformation in a changing climate" will establish an arena where researchers, artists, entrepreneurs and engaged individuals will meet and talk about transformational issues to build a common platform and language.

The conference is about the capacity and willingness of humans to transform the world in an equitable, ethical, collaborative and sustainable manner. It will be an event that aspires to make a difference, and that helps climate transformation become the issue of our time.

"This is not your typical conference where you spend three days looking at 50 PowerPoint presentations and listen to many wise words, yet come away with few really new and exciting insights on how to address complex problems," says Karen O'Brien, Professor in the Department of Sociology and Human Geography at the University of Oslo and member of the conference organising committee.

The best thinkers to Oslo
The conference has attracted some of the best people across disciplines and theoretical areas to come share their perspectives and help generate new knowledge on transformation.

"The aim is to "gather the seeds" of what we know at this time, and build a joint knowledge, from which researchers can build upon over time," says O'Brien.

Among them are Joan David Tabara (Spain), Myanna Lahsen (Brazil), Browning Hayward (New Zealand), Per Olsson (Sweden), Frances Westley (Canada), Cecilie Mauritzen (Norway), Heide Hackmann (France) and Anil Gupta (India).

Everyone, including the audience, is asked to come and share in dialogues, "fish bowls", discussions, "open space meetings", "knowledge accidents", and even "insight accidents".

Topics: Transformation

Conference details

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19 - 21 June 2013, Oslo, Norway

The conference will take place at Georg Sverdrups Hus at the University of Oslo, Norway.

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