An analysis of all centre publications between 2007 and 2012 shows that the publications have an outstanding impact, above 2.5 times the average impact in the fields they publish.


A centre with an impact

Centre publications among most cited in their fields

If the mission of Stockholm Resilience Center is to advance interdisciplinary research on social-ecological systems, it is on the right track.

According to an analysis done by University of Sussex and University of Leiden, the centre has an exciting record when it comes to bibliometric indicators for 2007—2012.

The report analysed Web of Science (WoS) covered publications of the centre with the aim to investigate the citation impact of interdisciplinary contributions. The publication and citation patterns were then compared to those of the Environmental Change Institute (ECI) at Oxford University and the Earth Institute at Columbia University (EI).

The report had three main findings: first, the Stockholm Resilience Centre had the highest degree of interdisciplinarity, in particular forging links between environmental (natural) sciences and the social sciences.

Second, the publications of the centre had an outstanding impact, above 2.5 times the average impact in the fields they publish. About 30% of the centre's publications were among the top 10% most cited in their fields compared to about 15% in the aggregate of leading universities such as Oxford. Third, the publication practices of the centre were considered to be very collaborative, demonstrated in 82% of all publications compared to 75% for ECI and EI.

The majority of these collaborations were international (63%).

Fulfilling our mission
Science director Carl Folke is naturally pleased with the results.

"The analysis suggests that we are fulfilling our mission as an international and interdisciplinary centre that makes well received contributions in sustainability science and social-ecological research, engaging both natural and social sciences."

Published: 2013-04-02

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