Students from Stockholm, Gothenburg, New York, Bangalore and Kisumo showed projects and initiatives from their home towns aiming at reducing the loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services in urban landscapes. The presentations took place at the Future cities, future citizens seminar on October 17 in Shanghai. Photo: T. Bergendorff

A Shanghai World Expo success

Centre co-hosted series of seminars and launched new version of the Urban Planet web tool.

The “Better City, Better Life" World Expo in Shanghai closed on October 31 after six months of showcasing the latest advancements in technology, science and culture in their national pavilions.

During the last month of the Expo, Stockholm Resilience Centre co-hosted a series of seminars and workshops on urban resilience.

- It was a truly astounding experience and our events were all well visited and highly appreciated, says Eva Krutmeijer, who worked as project manager for the Centre's Shanghai events and moderated several sessions during the seminars.

Student visions for resilient development
It started with an open seminar at the Nordic Light House on October 17, 2010. The seminar highlighted the perspective of young urban citizens featuring students from New York (USA), Bangalore (India), Kisumu (Kenya), Stockholm (Sweden) and Gothenburg (Sweden), who presented their own project visualizing ecosystem change in their school's neighbourhoods. Centre Board member and Nobel Laureate Elinor Ostrom participated through a video recording where she discussed visions of a sustainable and more resilient urban development with the students from Stockholm.
The seminar was also attended by a diverse group of Chinese and international experts on urban issues, as well as many Chinese students from Fudan University, Shanghai.

This setting paved the way for an interesting cross-cultural discussion on urban sustainability and suggestions to e.g. create a network of schools working for a more resilient and sustainable urban future as well as inviting schools from all over the world to showcase their best urban sustainability projects on the web-platform Urban Planet, which launched its 2.0 version during the seminar.

Sustainable campuses
On October 18 Centre researcher Thomas Elmqvist took part in the Swedish Institute's seminar entitled “How universities can lead the way for sustainability, addressing solutions to urban growth and climate change challenges, using campuses for innovation and learning".

The seminar discussed how universities can use campuses as sites for experimentation, demonstration and learning in order to address solutions to problems of urban growth and environmental change.

The seminar was introduced by the Swedish Consul General in Shanghai, Bengt Johansson, and followed by keynote speeches by scientists in the urban development field and presentations of cases from Shanghai (Tongji University) and Stockholm (Albano Sustainable Campus).
Associate Professor Lars Marcus (the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden) and Jonas Torsvall (KIT Architects, Sweden) presented a Swedish case, the Albano Campus Challenge, which is an ambitious project aiming at uniting three major universities in one interconnected visionary university campus based on resilience principles. The project gathers all the space for teaching and research underneath a dynamic landscape with the inclusion of ecological, cultural and other social domains.

The sustainable campus seminar was followed up the day after with a workshop, where the Albano Campus case was used to inspire a common learning experience together with similar campus construction projects going on in China. Centre researchers  Stephan Barthel, Henrik Ernstson and Johan Colding helped to carve out the vision for the planned Albano campus.

Urban planet


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