New funding gives boost to centre research

Substantial grants awarded to projects on Baltic sea, West African Sahel and agricultural production and ecosystem services

The Swedish Research Council (FORMAS) has given 17.600.000 SEK to the Baltic Nest Institute on the interplay between gradual and abrupt change (regime shifts) in the Baltic Sea. The project analyses trends and potential tipping points in the river loads, marine biogeochemical cycles and in the marine food web as a function of climate and anthropogenic forcing.

Thomas Hahn and Regina Lindborg have received 25 MSEK for a 5-year project from Formas, Strong Research Environments, together with colleagues at Lund University and SLU Uppsala. The project is called SAPES - Multifunctional Agriculture: Harnessing Biodiversity for Sustaining Agricultural Production and Ecosystem Services.

Lead by Christoph Humborg and together with political science researcher Ulrika Mörth and centre science director Carl Folke, the project will provide insights for how to implement an ecosystem approach to management and governance of the various subsystems of the Baltic Sea and its catchments.

Water management researcher Line Gordon has received approximately 4,5 million SEK to continue the centre's projects on the substantial greening trend that has occurred in parts of the West African Sahel.

The project, which also includes centre staffers Elin Enfors, Jennie Barron and Johan Rockström, compares "green" regions in Niger and Burkina Faso where substantial greening has taken place since the 1980's, with "non-greened" regions where the biophysical and social preconditions are similar.

Furthermore, Örjan Bodin has received 295.000 SEK from Stockholms läns landsting for developing a network-based tool on urban ecological connectivity.



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