Building a sustainable urban campus

Visions for new campus based on principles of sustainable urban development.

With Stockholm University in dire need for added campus space, the Albano area between Stockholm University, the Karolinska Institute and KTH has evolved as not only a strategically prime location but also unique as it is located within the world´s first national urban park. Stockholm Resilience Centre is one of the possible future tenants.

International hub for research
Researchers from Stockholm Resilience Centre and the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) have together with architects from KIT-arkitektur developed a vision for a new Albano Sustainable CampusPDF (pdf, 53.8 MB). Their proposal was presented at the conference Green urbanism at Albano which was recently held in Stockholm.

The group behind the proposal argues that the new campus should enable production of ecosystem services, conservation of historical values and enhance transdisciplinary knowledge.

This can potentially further establish Stockholm as an internationally attractive hub for research and serve as a model for sustainable urban development.

Overview of the Albano area in relation to Stockholm National Urban Park (left) and the Stockholm University area (top).
Gateway between the city and the National Urban Park
The proposal investigates how ecosystem services can support a better urban environment and building the science city in a climate smart way.

The proposal also points out that Albano can serve as a gateway between the city and the national urban park for birds and other migrating animals. Other suggestions include building aqueducts and constitute a link for water wildlife to the park.

Conference on “Green urbanism"
The conference Green urbanism at Albano gathered researchers, practitioners and experts from different disciplines to discuss and give planning advice for the development of a new campus.

The ambition was to make the conference a starting point for a long-term multi-disciplinary and multi-stakeholder learning process that can inspire others around the globe.

Stockholm Resilience Centre is a collaboration between Stockholm University and the Beijer Institute of Ecological Economics at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

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