Urgent need to make fisheries more sustainable

Centre researchers contribute to book on sustainable fisheries and responsible aquaculture

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Fishes constitute a major part of the aquatic ecosystems that cover about 2/3 of the world. They provide nutritious food of major importance as well as livelihoods, export incomes, recreation and could play an important role for development and poverty reduction.

However, donors and developing countries have failed fully to take advantage of the potential. Fish stocks are under pressure in most parts of the world. Capture fisheries cannot satisfy the increasing demand for fish and shellfish.

Ensuring a sustainable coexistence
In a new book entitled "Fisheries, Sustainability and Development", 52 researchers including resilience researchers Johan Rockström, Louise Karlberg and Henrik Österblom, have discussed the challenges of ensuring a sustainable coexistence and further development of fisheries and aquacultue in developing and developed countries.

The book, which was presented at a special seminar on 13 October 2009 at the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry, describes global fisheries and aquaculture from the points of view of sustainable ecosystems, economy, trade and development.

Responsible and profitable aquaculture needed
The book argues that responsible and profitable aquaculture has to be promoted, and changes are urgently needed to make the fisheries sector more sustainable, both ecologically and socio-economically.

Centre researchers Johan Rockström and Louise Karlberg contributed with a chapter on global freshwater resources while Henrik Österblom provided an introduction to the human impact on the aquatic environment.

See video from the presentation of a fisheries best management report presented at the Achieving Sustainable Fisheries conference in Brussel in 2009:


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