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Click on image to downlload illustration. Credit: J. Lokrantz/Azote. Citation: Steffen et al. 2015. Planetary Boundaries: Guiding human development on a changing planet. Science Vol. 347 no. 6223

Illustration: Steffen et al. 2015

Since the planetary boundaries were first presented in 2009, researchers from around the world have sought to advance the concept

We are developing a knowledge platform to support these international research collaborations. The Planetary Boundaries research initiative is hosted at the Stockholm Resilience Centre.

It is a joint activity with the Australian National University and the University of Copenhagen.

Our goal is to advance scientific understanding about planetary boundaries and their implications for global sustainability.

This requires transdisciplinary research. It draws on diverse theoretical framings including Earth systems analysis, resilience research, governance and policy studies, ecological economics, and environmental history. The research activities also contribute to debates on global scientific responsibility and sustainability.

Discussions of the Planetary Boundaries concept:
Johan Rockström: addressing some key misconceptions

Planetary Boundaries concept is valuable for policy

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