Mission and vision statement


To develop and make accessible world-class SES modeling and visualisation services for research and education across all themes at Stockholm Resilience Centre.

The Lab aims to provide the following key services:

A meeting space for collaboration and innovation

The lab aims to provide a physical and intellectual meeting place for centre and Stockholm University researchers and students interested in modeling and visualisation of SES, and thereby foster innovation and cross-theme collaboration in this arena.

Support for SES modeling and visualisation

The lab aims to provide knowledge, support and the hardware/software needed for quantitative analyses and visualisations of SES. This includes, but is not limited to, GIS and spatial analysis, statistical analysis, data processing, computer-based simulations, network analysis, database development and management, web hosting, and computer programming/software development. Support will also be provided in the form of short and long courses offered on a regular basis and on request.

Hosting and support for SRC products and data

A number of data products are being developed at the centre (eg Urban Atlas, Regime Shifts Database), and the lab aims to provide ongoing support for these products. In addition, the lab aims to develop and maintain a database, including metadata and a user-friendly web interface, where all centre data can be archived and retrieved in order to provide a basis for long-term comparative studies. The hosting and support service includes being the main Point of Contact (POC) for centre data and products, providing basic user support, license management, keeping records of registered users and installed products, revision control, and maintenance of product upgrades.

Contact details


Lab manager
Email: orjan.bodin 'a' stockholmresilience.su.se
Phone + 46 703 410 121 / +46 8 674 76 71 

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