Ambio fit for the 2020s


This is an editorial written for Ambio, the publication of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.


Link to centre authors: Andersson, Erik
Publication info: Andersson, E., Boonstra, W., de la Torre Castro, M., Hughes, A., Ilstedt, U., Jernelöv, A., Jonsson, B., Kalantari, Z., Keskitalo, C., Kritzberg, E., Kätterer, T., McNeely, J., Mohr, C., Mustonen, T., Ostwald, M., Reyes-Garcia, V., Rusch, G., Sanderson Bellamy, A., Stage, J., Tedengren, M., Thomas, D., Wulff, A., Söderström, B.. 2022. Ambio fit for the 2020s. Ambio.