Capacities for Watershed Resilience: Persistence, Adaptation, and Transformation


This is chapter in a book which synthesizes current knowledge and understanding of management and governance in the context of water resilience; advances theory through synthesis of research and experiences from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. The book highlights the implications of theory and experience for innovation in practice and policy; and it explores frontiers and future research. The book further addresses the need for a consolidated, interdisciplinary approach to the theoretical advances and practical implications of water resilience for academics, resource managers, aid organizations, policy makers and citizens.


Publication info: Baird, J., Quinlan, A., Plummer, R., Moore, M.-L. & Krievins, K. 2021. Capacities for Watershed Resilience: Persistence, Adaptation, and Transformation. In: Baird, J. & Plummer, R. eds. Water Resilience: Management and Governance in Times of Change, Springer International Publishing, New York.