Urbanization in the Anthropocene: inaugural npj Urban Sustainability


This is the inaugural editorial of npj Urban Sustainability. This new journal seeks to inspire an evidence-based and globally oriented conversation on the importance of urban issues for our planet’s future. In that, npj Urban Sustainability will address some of the most challenging questions humanity has ever faced. It will investigate how urban regions around the world could radically transform to ensure global sustainability. The aim of the journal is to focus on how cities and their regions are reshaping to meet major economic, social, and environmental challenges, developing new pathways to sustainable urbanization.


Link to centre authors: Elmqvist, Thomas
Publication info: Elmqvist, T., Acuto, M., Anderson, P., Larsen, L., McPhearson, T. & Zhang, X. 2021. Urbanization in the Anthropocene: Inaugural npj Urban Sustainability. npj Urban Sustainability 1(1), 7.


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