Ten new insights in climate science 2020 – a horizon scan


We summarize some of the past year's most important findings within climate change-related research. New research has improved our understanding of Earth's sensitivity to carbon dioxide, finds that permafrost thaw could release more carbon emissions than expected and that the uptake of carbon in tropical ecosystems is weakening. Adverse impacts on human society include increasing water shortages and impacts on mental health.

Options for solutions emerge from rethinking economic models, rights-based litigation, strengthened governance systems and a new social contract. The disruption caused by COVID-19 could be seized as an opportunity for positive change, directing economic stimulus towards sustainable investments.


Theme affiliation: Anthropocene dynamics
Link to centre authors: Rockström, Johan
Publication info: Pihl, E., Alfredsson, E., Bengtsson, M., Bowen, K., Cástan Broto, V., Chou, K., et.al. 2021. Ten new insights in climate science 2020 – a horizon scan. Global Sustainability, 4, E5. doi:10.1017/sus.2021.2

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