Solutions-oriented research for sustainability: Turning knowledge into action


In this perspective, we reflect upon the question: what processes may help transition scientific insights on sustainability issues into practice and thus contribute to tackling the complex, systemic sustainability problems of today?

We use five forerunners in the field of providing and brokering knowledge for science informed real world solutions, all published in Ambio and highlighted in this Anniversary collection, as our starting point.

We discuss how the authors present solutions, whom they tried to reach, and what was suggested—implicitly or explicitly—as the potential uptake processes for turning scientific knowledge into practice. With this as the starting point, we discuss how sustainability science, as a field vowed to action, has evolved in its views of actors, pathways for impacts, and the potential roles of research and researchers to promote sustainability transformations.


Link to centre authors: Andersson, Erik, Tengö, Maria
Publication info: Tengö, M. & Andersson, E. 2021. Solutions-oriented research for sustainability: Turning knowledge into action: Ambio