A safe operating space for New Zealand/Aotearoa: Translating the planetary boundaries framework


The purpose of the report is to translate the planetary boundaries framework for New Zealand to inform government approaches to environmental stewardship, well-being and economic development.

• The planetary boundaries framework provides an international and long-term context for national policy setting. It can be used as a benchmark for measuring progress towards environmental goals.

• The framework provides a systems view that integrates a range of environmental challenges from climate change and biodiversity loss to nitrogen usage and deforestation.

• The translation approach adopted in this report explores New Zealand’s territorial environmental impact in relation to planetary boundaries and its impact beyond national boundaries due to, for example, consumption of products produced elsewhere.
In these respects, the analysis provides a global systemic perspective to inform policy.


Link to centre authors: Gaffney, Owen, Wood, Amanda
Full reference: A safe operating space for New Zealand/Aotearoa: Translating the planetary boundaries framework. 2020. Report by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Stockholm Resilience Centre and the Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change. Commissioned by New Zealand Ministry for the Environment.


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