Transformation is feasible - How to achieve the Sustainable
Development Goals within Planetary Boundaries


The dual adoption of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) together with the Paris Climate Agreement,
both in 2015, represents a global turning point. We have never before had such a universal development plan for people and planet. For the first time in human history the world has agreed on a democratically adopted roadmap for humanity’s future, which aims at attaining socially inclusive and highly aspirational socio-economic development goals, within globally defined environmental targets. Humanity’s grand ambition is surely to aim at an inclusive and prosperous world development within a stable and resilient Earth system. This human quest is to attain as many of the SDGs as possible by 2030, and then continue following a sustainable global trajectory well beyond the next 12 years. This report has identified one such possible, smarter pathway to success through five transformative and synergistic actions.


Link to centre authors: Collste, David, Cornell, Sarah, Rockström, Johan
Publication info: Transformation is feasible - How to achieve the SustainableDevelopment Goals within Planetary Boundaries. 2018. Written by Randers, J., Rockström, J., Stoknes, P.E., Golüke, U., Collste, D., Cornell, S. A report to the Club of Rome from Stockholm Resilience Centre and BI Norwegian Business School

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