CCAMLR: An ecosystem approach to the Southern Ocean in the Anthropocene


A newly published book, Handbook on the Politics of Antarctica, focuses on a wide range of topics on the governance, geopolitics, international law, cultural studies, and history of Antarctica. It includes chapters from experts from all over the globe, and converges top social sciences and humanities research on the Antarctic and Southern Ocean.

Centre researchers Henrik Österblom and Olof Olsson, also the centre’s deputy science director and managing director respectively, have written a chapter which focuses on a Southern Ocean fisheries case and the politics around the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR).

The chapter investigates the dynamics of CCAMLR through describing the social, political, financial, technological, and ecological factors, as well as the historical social-ecological context, and the roles of individual actors involved in CCAMLR’s successes and challenges. Most notably, the chapter highlights how CCAMLR has grown.


Link to centre authors: Olsson, Olof, Österblom, Henrik
Publication info: Österblom H., Olsson O. 20017. CCAMLR: An ecosystem approach to the Southern Ocean in the Anthropocene. In: Dodds K., Hemmings A. D., Roberts P., editors. Handbook on the Politics on the Antarctic; p. 408-421.