Global Trade of Fisheries Products-implications for marine ecosystems and their services

Publication review

This chapter is part of a book which is organized into four major parts. Part 1 gives the theoretical framework from an ecological, economic and political perspectives. Part 2 explores how internationally traded biophysical commodities from agriculture, forestry and fisheries translates into a virtual flow of land, freshwater, and marine ecosystems. Part 3 describes how two widely used accounting tools (i.e., Life Cycle Assessment and Green National Accounts) deal with international aspects of ecosystem services, and Part 4 shows how instruments like labelling, bans, or payments for ecosystem services in the private and public sector can influence trade patterns and the management of ecosystem services.

This collection is a valuable contribution to the global change science dealing with ecosystem services. It illustrates the consequences of international trade on global ecosystem services and provides an overview of accounting tools and of market-based policy instruments to address negative and positive externalities.


Link to centre authors: Deutsch, Lisa, Huitric, Miriam, Troell, Max
Publication info: Lisa Deutsch, Max Troell, Karin Limburg and Miriam Huitric. 2011. Thomas Köllner, editor. Global Trade of Fisheries Products: implications for marine ecosystems and their services in Ecosystem Services and Global Trade of Natural Resources: Ecology, Economics and Policies. Routledge, London, UK. 304 pp.