Roving Bandits in Modern Fisheries

Publication review

In this discussion paper Beatrice Crona, Stockholm Resilience Center, and Henrik Österblom, Stockholm Resilience Center and the Baltic Nest Institute, discuss the growing illegal, unreported and unregulated fishery and the implications of this for attaining sustainable fisheries.

The development of the paper was commissioned by the Swedish FAO Committee. This is the fifth edition of the Swedish FAO Committee's publication series. The purpose is to spark an interest in issues related to global cooperation, particularly the work being conducted at FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization), the United Nations organization for agriculture, forestry, fisheries and food production.


Link to centre authors: Crona, Beatrice, Österblom, Henrik
Publication info: Crona, B.I. och Österblom, H., 2008, Det moderna fiskets stråtrövare, Svenska FAO-kommitténs skriftserie nr 5 ISSN: 1652-9316.


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