Advancing the frontier of urban ecosystem services research

Author(s): Kremer, P., E. Andersson, T. McPhearson, T. Elmqvist
In: Ecosystem Services 12: 149–151
Year: 2015
Type: Journal / article
Theme affiliation: Urban
Link to centre authors: Andersson, Erik, Elmqvist, Thomas
Full reference: Kremer, P., E. Andersson, T. McPhearson, T. Elmqvist. 2015. Advancing the frontier of urban ecosystem services research. Ecosystem Services 12: 149–151.


This special section in Ecosystem Services presents multiple approaches to better incorporate societal dimensions in urban ecosystem services research. It explores:

(1) How the ecosystem services approach might be expanded and provide important bridges to achieve urban sustainability and resilience

(2) Specifically how cultural ecosystem services in urban areas may represent a key to valuation, improvement and preservation of urban ecosystem services in general

(3) The institutional structures surrounding the implementation of ecosystem services oriented policies and management.

Within these themes we explore new conceptual and theoretical approaches, empirical studies, and methodological and analytical developments critical for providing new tools and approaches for applying urban ecosystem services frameworks to promote more sustainable and resilient urban social–ecological systems.


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