Fiscal redistribution and public support for European integration

Author(s): Chalmers, A.W., L.M. Dellmuth
In: European Union Politics 16: 386–407
Year: 2015
Type: Journal / article
Full reference: Chalmers, A.W., L.M. Dellmuth. 2015. Fiscal redistribution and public support for European integration. European Union Politics 16: 386–407


This article contributes to existing debates on public opinion toward European integration by examining when and why fisca transfers and public support are systematically related.

Drawing on economic and identity-related theories, we develop an test hypotheses about the links between European Union fiscal transfers among countries and subnational jurisdictions, and citizens’ support for European integration. Using a three-level analysis of residents in 143 regions in 16 European Union member states, we find a positive effect of European Union transfers among both countries and subnational jurisdictions on support for European integration among those with European communal identity.

We also find that this effect increases the more politically aware individuals are. The articl sketches the broader implications of our findings for public opinion research on regional integration beyond the European Union.


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