Fisheries management - Background report

Author(s): Blenckner, T., J. Hentati Sundberg, M.C. Öhman, H. Österblom and the BalticSTERN secretariat
In: Havs- och vattenmyndighetens rapport 2013:4.
Year: 2013
Type: Policy brief or report
Full reference: Fisheries managment - Background paper. Havs- och vattenmyndighetens rapport 2013:4


The Baltic Sea is a complex ecosystem with a multitude of physical, chemical and biological interactions functioning on various temporal and spatial scales. The Baltic Sea is under severe stress as a result of the combination of a large human population in the catchment area, the environmental effects of anthropogenic activities and its special geographical, climatological and oceanographical characteristics. The environmental state is thus influenced by both natural and anthropogenic factors.

This Background Paper "Fisheries management" is one of eight Background Papers for the report "The Baltic Sea – Our Common Treasure. Economics of Saving the Sea" was published in March 2013, where methods and results from BalticSTERN research are described more in detail.


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