Vision of the new Albano Resilient Campus. Photo: Q-book Albano 4

Albano Resilient Campus

Designing a modern university campus

How to incorporate ecosystem services and resilience thinking into university campus design

Incorporating ecosystem services and resilience thinking in urban planning is an important step in developing novel design solutions.

Centre research on urban social-ecological systems has contributed to the design of a new campus area at Stockholm university. The area is located at Albano and is based on the vision of a campus area which is designed in an environmentally friendly manner.

The design vision, entitled Patch Work, is based on more than ten years of urban ecology case studies, findings from the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, KTH Royal Institute of Technology and international green design. The project has generated considerable attention in  academia, Swedish politics and the media.

The Patch Work development proposal led to a halt in the ongoing construction work and a full development plan was developed for the Albano area. In 2010 three workshops were held where stakeholders and researchers met to discuss ways to implement the visions of Patch Work.

This resulted in the publication Qbook4PDF (pdf, 54.7 MB), which is a holistic vision and guide for a new campus development. The Qbook includes the latest techniques in climate smart solutions and metabolic flows, while also including novel design solutions on how to support local social-ecological systems. In 2012, the City Council of Stockholm approved the new development plan, which was based on Qbook4.

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