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Angela Leible

A visual artist working with the SARAS institute, SRC's partner institute in Uruguay


Stockholm Resilience Centre is a proud partner of the SARAS institute in Uruguay where scientists and artists collaborate to address global and regional sustainability challenges.Two Chilean artists, Angela Leible and Francisco Gazitua has worked with the SARAS2 institute. Angela Leible is a visual artist who is living and working in the Chilean Central Andes. Her work is related to water, glaciers, animals, as well as geologic and botanic life in the Andes, illustrating them as sacred elements and part of the Andean cosmos. Her work is also concerned with the color BLUE, a sacred colour brought from Mongolia to Tierra del Fuego, on the long journey of the first population of America, via the Bering Strait. For more of her work, visit www.angelaleible.cl

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