Sustainable enterprising

Bee hives in urban areas

Former centre student turns beehives into business

Honeybees pollinate every third bite that you eat, and 84% of all plants in the EU depend on pollinators. But the pollinators are having a difficult time, and bees are starting to disappear all over the world.

In areas where pollinators are scarce, farmers are forced to either pollinate their crops by hand or rent in beehives for the time when the crop is in bloom.

By placing and managing beehives around the city former centre student Josefina Oddsberg and others developed a concept that was sensitive to both social needs and ecological requirements. Soon it grew from a non-profit network into an exciting business idea called Bee Urban.

Today, Bee Urban offers companies and individuals the opportunity to adopt beehives or individual bees. Bee Urban takes care of the bees and the maintenance of the hives. The hives are often placed on the rooftops of the companies who adopt them. Companies who adopt a whole hive also get the honey from their bees, with their own logo, as a way to show their contribution to urban ecosystem services.

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Bee Urban is also a part of an exhibition at Kulturhuset in Stockholm, where you can learn more about their work and of course about bees and pollination and urban ecosystem services. The exhibition runs until 9 December 2012.

Read more about the exhibition here (in Swedish)