Three quick questions for Marcus Lundstedt, our new head of communications

Marcus Lundstedt joined the centre in January 2023. Photo: Johannes Ernstberger/Stockholm Resilience Centre

We welcome Marcus Lundstedt, the centre's new head of communications, and have a quick chat with him about his new role

Hi Marcus! Tell us a bit about yourself: Who are you?

Thanks, happy to be here! I live in the coastal town of Norrtälje with my family, coach kids in athletics and go sailing as often as possible. I have worked the past ten years for the cooperative development organisations Vi Agroforestry and We Effect. It took me to many countries and contexts – and it fueled a passion to address injustices and work for a sustainable development for all. But more importantly: a deep belief in the power of working together! Before my years in civil society, I worked as a photographer, journalist and as a media and crisis consultant for a range of global brands.

Why did you want to come and work at the Stockholm Resilience Centre?

I’m truly passionate about sustainability issues, and have had a close eye on Stockholm Resilience Centre for years. It is a world-leading research institution, driving knowledge and policy in partnership with a spectrum of actors. That “let’s do it together” attitude really resonates with me. Communication has always been important for the centre, and I look forward to supporting the researchers in that and leading a great team of amazing comms experts!

What’s so fun about working with communications?

That it can be a powerful tool to boost knowledge and drive social change. But also, that you can never fully master it, there’s always something new to learn. Communications have so much to do with psychology and sociology, but also entertainment and technology. And what makes people engage in a certain subject or piece of news on a certain platform one day, can be completely different the next. It’s a little bit like sailing, the wind can carry you places but not always how you first planned. You need to be flexible, adapt and learn as you go along!

Published: 2023-02-02

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