Between 8-10 June, the Stockholm Resilience Centre will host a festival merging food, science and art. Photo: Sustainability Institute

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Food, film and photos at the centre

Stockholm Resilience Centre hosts a three-day free entry food festival 8-10 June 2016


Between 8-10 June, Stockholm Resilience Centre will merge with the Food (R)evolution exhibition to become a public art installation blurring the boundaries between art, food and cutting-edge science.

Food (R)evolution is an exhibition exploring the changing face of Africa’s food systems. The exhibit includes photographs by international photographers and four short films. It explores themes of; the daily diets of people all around the globe, urban food systems in Africa, politics and power of food systems, climat change, nutrition and seeds, the origins of food.

In addition, the three day programme will bring together researchers and practitioners from South Africa and Sweden in a series of public workshops and lectures focussed on ensuring a brighter global food future for people and planet.


8 June, 18:00-20:00: exhibition opening

Welcome Food Fest 2016 - The growing role of food in the sustainability transitions agenda - introduction by Line Gordon, Deputy director, Stockholm Resilience Centre

Background to the Food (R) evolution exhibition & description of food pairing, followed by exhibition viewing & tasting - introduction by Luke Metelerkamp, Sustainability Institute, South Africa

Keynote address: Art & science in food system transformations.
Luke Metelerkamp, Sustainability Institute, South Africa and Laura Pereira, Stellenbosch University, South Africa

Short film screening

9 June

12:15-13:00: Brown bag lunch seminar

Laura Pereira & Luke Metelerkamp: Thinking about the role of sustainability niches and facilitation of food system transitions through an introduction to Stellenbosch gastronomic landscape research

15:00-16:30: Eco-gastronomy & reconnecting initiatives

Presentations of Stockholm Resilience Centre Master Thesis work by Tove Björklund and Kavita Oehme exploring how actors in the food sector create novel production and consumption patterns and work strategically to create a more sustainable and attractive food culture. Presentation from individual theses will be followed with discussion about how initiative that support transformation of the food system can be encouraged.

Location: Room 239, Stockholm Resilience Centre

Discussion will be held in Swedish.

17:00-19:30: Practicing the art of disruption - a journey through the food system


An experiential workshop drawing on visual texts and facilitated discussion in conjunction with the outdoor installation. The purpose of the workshop is to use photographs to elicit knowledge and to co-generate deeper understanding about the challenges facing the food system in different parts of the world.

The programme will include a guided exhibition tour, facilitated small-group discussions and dinner.

Scott Drimie, (facilitator) Southern African Food Lab, South Africa
Luke Metelerkamp (moderator), Sustainability Institute, South Africa Line Gordon (facilitator) Stockholm Resilience Centre
Laura Pereira, (facilitator) Stellenbosch University, South Africa
Beatrice Crona (facilitator) Stockholm Resilience Centre

10 June

12:15-13:00: Brown bag lunch discussion

Scott Drimie reflects on his experiences as the director of the Southern African FoodLab and the lessons the Southern African FoodLab has learned through seven years of facilitating multi-stakeholder processes for food system transformation in Southern Africa.

16:00-18:00: Sharing the taste of ecosystem services

An interactive session organised by Laura Elsler, exploring the stories of artisans and fishermen connected to the rise in food sharing movements in Stockholm.

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