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Centre co-hosts international conference on close connections between food production, health and sustainable development

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  • Inaugural high-level EAT forum at Clarion Hotel Sign in Stockholm, Sweden, 26-27 May 201
  • Initiated together with the Stordalen Foundation to link food, health and sustainability across the fields of academia, business and politics
  • Academic partners include Harvard, Cornell, the NY Academy of Science and the Sackler Institute for Nutrition Research

Together with the the Norwegian Stordalen Foundation, the Stockholm Resilience Centre has initiated an international high-level forum called The EAT Stockholm Food Forum which links food, health and sustainability across the fields of academia, business and politics.

The intention is to show that population growth, climate change, human health, resource management, sustainability and food security are not only fields of research – but also important political issues and exciting business opportunities.

The forum, also known as EAT, is a global initiative, created in collaboration with academic partners such as Harvard Global Equity Initiative/School of Public Health, Cornell University Food and Brand Lab, The UCL Institute of Global Health, as well as the NY Academy of Science and The Sackler Institute for Nutrition Research.

The forum is by invitation only.

New and more integrated knowledge
The main objective of EAT is to increase interdisciplinary knowledge on food and food production, thereby improving nutrition and food safety, and tackling global challenges such as the increase in non-communicable diseases, climate change and environmental damage.

"Human prosperity is determined by our ability to be wise stewards of food, health and sustainability, recognizing that they are like the Three Musketeers, one for all, all for one," says centre director Johan Rockström.

He is co-chair of the EAT Advisory Board which among others includes Richard Horton (Editor in Chief, The Lancet), Dr. Julio Frenk (Dean, Harvard School of Public Health), Professor Brian Wansink (Director, Cornell University Food and Brand Lab), Professor Anthony Costello (Co-Director, the UCL), Lee Howell (Managing Director, World Economic Forum) and Michiel Bakker (Director, Global Food Services, Google Inc.).

Spearheading a new approach
The inaugural EAT forum is taking place at Clarion Hotel Sign in Stockholm, Sweden, 26-27 May 2014 and will gather leaders and experts from all over the world. President Bill Clinton is confirmed as the forum's first keynote speaker. The forum will offer a broad range of lectures, panels and round-table discussions.

"We become what we eat. The planet becomes what we eat. We need to find inter-connected solutions, across sectors. The right choice of food can not only help save the planet and improve our health, but also create new business opportunities. EAT will spearhead a holistic approach to today’s food related challenges," says Gunhild Stordalen, director of the EAT Initiative.

Read more about EAT here


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