Centre prepares EU report on resilience

Presented at key Swedish Presidency meeting 4-6 September, Sweden.

Coinciding with the presentation of the report The economics of ecosystems and biodiversity, a new report entitled “Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services and Resilience: Governance for a Future with Global Changes" has been prepared by a working group led by Miriam Huitric of Stockholm Resilience Centre and its partner Albaeco.

The report is a scientific background report intended to support deliberations at the high level meeting “Visions for Biodiversity Beyond 2010 - People, Ecosystem Services and the Climate Crisis" in Strömstad, 7-9 September, during the Swedish EU Presidency. It calls for a better management of the dynamics between social-ecological systems.

- Halting biodiversity loss and sustaining ecosystem services for human well-being beyond 2010 requires better recognition of the dynamic interplay between biodiversity, ecosystem services and human development in the context of rapid global environmental change, says Miriam Huitric, editor of the report.

Time for better management
Furthermore, the report calls for an improved knowledge base, increased use of adaptive management approaches in Europe, capacity building for such management and flexible institutions designed to deal with uncertainty and surprise.

The report includes contributions from a large group of national as well as international researchers and other experts. The main contributors have been Stockholm Resilience Centre and The Department of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

Lead author Brian Walker will present the report during a scientific workshop “Biodiversity, ecosystem services and governance — targets beyond 2010" on Tjärnö in Sweden, 4-6 September. Centre researchers Lisen Schultz and Thomas Elmqvist, who were also among the contributors to the new report, will give presentations during the three day workshop as well.

Feeds into EU minister meeting
The outcome from the Tjärnö workshop will directly be transferred to the high-level meeting “Visions for biodiversity beyond 2010 - people, ecosystem services and the climate crisis" to be held in Strömstad on the Swedish west coast on 7—9 September.

The meeting is hosted by the Swedish Presidency of the EU and gathers environment ministers and senior officials to discuss the economic valuation of biological diversity and ecosystem services, as well as future goals and visions for the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD).

Download the report here (external link, pdf)


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