Johan Rockström commented the results from the recent Bali climate conference Photo: footage from SVT/Go'morron Sverige

Bali climate talks on Swedish TV

Director Johan Rockström appeared on Swedish national-tv Monday 17th December together with Sweden´s Minister for the Environment.

They both concluded that the climate talks in Bali were partly a success and partly a failure.

- It was indeed a step forward considering the locked positions of many previous international climate negotiations, but the planet needs more action and much larger cuts in emissions of greenhouse gases, Johan Rockström said.

See video here (in Swedish)

The Bali roadmap
The agreement coming out of the meeting, the "Bali roadmap", contains text on emissions cuts, the transfer of clean technology to developing countries, halting deforestation and helping poorer nations protect their economies, ecosystems and societies against the impacts of climate change.

The roadmap agreed is, however, just the first step. Now begins the hard work: two years of negotiations to seal a broader and much more far-reaching deal with binding agreements in Copenhagen, 2009.


See video here (in Swedish)


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