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Centre important partner at the Tällberg Forum

- The situation is much more serious than we perceived it to be, but we have a significant opportunity to flip the societal coin, says Executive Director Johan Rockström in a report from this year's Tällberg Forum. See video report from this unique forum.

Rockström was together with board members Jaqueline McGlade and Anders Wijkman among the key figures at the 2007 forum.

Johan Rockström, who is also associate professor in natural resources management at Stockholm University, lead the first track of the Forum called "As the present path is not sustainable — what is?" The Track questions how the abundance of knowledge, the innumerable technologies and the expanding human potential together can to take us through the eco-systems and energy crisis the world is facing.

- The situation is much more serious than we even in our worst scenarios perceived it to be, he says.

- But the drama cannot be allowed to lead to despair and hopelessness. The drama is no doubt painful, but a significant opportunity to flip the societal coin into a positive trajectory of not only for technologically innovations and new ways to go about resource management, but also about some of our fundamental human values, he says in an interview with the news magazine Monocle.

New generation of entrepreneurs
Board member and Executive Director of the European Environment Agency, Jaqueline McGlade, was one of the key speakers during the opening session, called "What science tell us

- Understand and protect the home planet". She has noticed a change among the new business generation where profit is not necessarily their sole motivation.

- One of the greatest things that is beginning to happen is a sort of hot-house of young entrepreneurs who have a very different spirit about what they are doing in the business community, she says.

Furthermore, Board member and Member of the European Parliament, Anders Wijkman gave an introductory remarks for the session "Bringing it all together — sharing the conversation of different tracks".

About the Tällberg Forum
The Tällberg Forum is a yearly opportunity for leaders — and their families — from all over the world and from all sectors of society to convene for a few days in a small beautiful village in Sweden to reflect and converse on the over-arching theme: “How on earth can we live together?"

The Forum is characterized by humanism, systems thinking and principled pragmatism. The Tällberg Forum makes no declarations and issues no recommendations.

Its impact lies in the many initiatives and ideas that the participants bring back home and integrate in their actions in their own environment.

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