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  • Ecosystem Services
  • Resilience Assessment
  • Marine Governance
  • Marine Protected Areas
  • Black Sea ecosystems

Anastasiya Laznya’s research focuses on assessing ecosystem resilience in the Black Sea region

Anastasiya Laznya is a PhD candidate investigating marine ecosystem resilience in the Black Sea. As part of the Bridge-Black Sea project, she conducts holistic resilience assessments, focusing on evaluating anthropogenic effects in data-poor cases.

Before starting as a PhD candidate, she had completed an internship on the protection of marine ecosystems in the European Union collecting data on lesser-known environmental impacts and establishing the nature and extent of human activities in marine protected areas. This experience contributed to her understanding of European and international marine policies.

Anastasiya Laznya is a graduate of the interdisciplinary Masters in Marine Biological Resources (IMBRSea), with a specialization in global ocean changes. She wrote her thesis on marine protected areas management, conducting an assessment of the South African system of offshore marine protected areas (MPAs) to evaluate effective ecosystem protection and compare them to stated local and regional objectives. This work also contributed to the development of a novel system of MPA classification.

Laznya holds a BSc in Ecology and Conservation from Kyiv Mohyla Academy University. During her bachelor’s degree, Anastasiya studied the Northern Black Sea ecosystem along with its characteristics and bio-economic challenges, with a research focus on the development of green businesses in the region.

Laznya's professional interests include science communication and outreach; and conservation governance and policy.

Supervisor: Susa Niiranen

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