PhD candidate

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Profile summary

  • Sustainable seafood sourcing
  • Supply chain actors
  • Marine certification schemes
  • Corporate stewardship
  • Seafood markets

Abigayil Blandon’s research focuses on sustainable seafood in different market structures in Asia and Europe, and how actors along the supply chain can drive sustainability in different ways

Blandon’s PhD project aims to explore suitable and effective pathways to sustainable seafood production and consumption in Japan and Sweden, considering their different market and supply chain characteristics. This involves investigating the seafood sustainability initiatives underway in each country, as well as the market and supply chain structures that support these initiatives. Blandon is also interested in the incentives and motivations of different stakeholders along the seafood supply chain to engage in sustainability.

Blandon has a broad range of marine science and conservation experience prior to starting her PhD. Following her Bachelor’s degree in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge, Blandon worked for SEED Madagascar before joining the Joint Nature Conservation Committee (UK) where she provided scientific advice to the UK government on marine habitat conservation and the implementation of EU Directives. She completed her MSc at the Stockholm Resilience Centre where her thesis focussed on the design of fisheries development projects in Eastern Africa.

Blandon returned to the Stockholm Resilience Centre after working for WWF-UK, where she led the seafood work within the WWF-Tesco Partnership. She has previously contributed to academia through work with the SeaBOS project, the Ocean Risk and Resilience Action Alliance, the Pew Charitable Trusts and with the University of Tokyo.


Key publications

Blandon, A. and Ishihara, H., 2021. Seafood certification schemes in Japan: Examples of challenges and opportunities from three Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) applicants. Marine Policy, 123, p.104279.

Ishihara, H., Blandon, A., Watanabe, J. and Yagi, N., Promoting Sustainable Seafood Market in Japan: Perspectives from MSC and ASC applicants. Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems, In press

Blandon, A., Daw, T., Haider, L.J. and Stone-Jovicich, S., 2019. Conceptualisations of fisheries development in Eastern Africa over time and between actors. Marine Policy, 107, p.103512.

Blandon, A. and Zu Ermgassen, P.S., 2014. Quantitative estimate of commercial fish enhancement by seagrass habitat in southern Australia. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 141, pp.1-8.