PhD candidate

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Profile summary

  • Food system sustainability
  • Public health
  • System leverage points
  • Public policy
  • Mixed methods

Mary Scheuermann researches how to transform the Nordic food system for improved human and planetary health

Scheuermann's PhD project investigates how influential entities can help facilitate transformative change in Nordic food systems. Specifically, she is mapping the supply chain of legumes – a significantly under-consumed food in Sweden with the potential to improve population health – to determine actor roles and identify leverage points to activate change.

Through identifying existing actors and gaps where actors are needed, this research project will build a path forward for increased legume consumption in Sweden and further strengthen collaboration among existing organizations for guiding food system transformation in the Nordic region.

Scheuermann holds a dual graduate degree in public health and social work from Washington University in St. Louis (US) and a BA in English from LaSalle University (US).

Prior to joining the SRC, she worked as an analyst for US public health programs to improve the quality and accountability of private sector services. As part of the Presidential Management Fellow program, she gained a breadth of operational experience in public administration, including agency budget and regulatory processes, performance metric development, and interdisciplinary team leadership. She also worked in urban education supporting new teachers and as an AmeriCorps volunteer.

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